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How is IP.CC Used in Advertising Technology

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for businesses in the AdTech space:

  • IP.CCDetailed Competitors Research

    Keeping an eye on your competitors' outreach is vital for staying ahead in the game. Adtech firms can utilize IP.CC Reverse IP API for instant access to live IP address details, featuring a detailed list of domains associated with an IP address, ranked by domain authority.

  • IP.CCPersonalized and Targeted Advertising Campaigns

    IP.CC's IP geolocation API helps your Adtech business create and send out location-based discounts to clients. Go further with the Mobile Carrier Detection API to strike deals with IP to Company API to customize the ad experience for business domains.

  • IP.CCTrack Malicious Traffic

    Separate true advertising generated traffic from malicious ones with IP.CC's Privacy Detection API. Locate and quantify proxy use, VPNs, and hosting provider connections that can be used to mask one's true IP address and tunnel traffic.

An API to expand Adtech reach, customization, marketing, and more

For the advertising technology industry and its clients, IP.CC is an essential tool. Our API can help your Adtech organization reach new heights and get the right ads out to prospects. Give your business the boost it needs to enhance marketing campaigns, customize the experience, and gain powerful insights.

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