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How is IP.CC Used in Digital media and social

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for businesses in the Digital media and social space:

  • IP.CCBrand and content protection

    Safeguard your digital media and social company's ROI from content pirates, ad fraud, and plagiarism. Utilize IP.CC's Privacy Detection and Geolocation APIs to uphold your site's integrity. Automate the reporting of abusive IP addresses to relevant companies and establish a groundwork for legal action with the Abuse Contact API.

  • IP.CCPrevent abuse of usage

    Digital media companies and streaming services use IP insights to enforce licensing restrictions and territorial content rights. Ensure that viewers aren't abusing free plans and accessing content illegally by using IP.CC’s Privacy Detection and Geolocation datasets.

  • IP.CCAccurate user analysis

    Statistically analyze the distribution of access traffic to IP addresses in different regions, determine the size and composition of user groups in social software, analyze the access duration and usage habits of IP addresses in each region, and gain insight into the characteristics of different user groups, in order to develop targeted regional operation strategies.

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