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How is IP.CC Used in GameTech

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for businesses in the GameTech space:

  • IP.CCGame Zone Restrictions

    Game operators implement regional blockades on certain high-risk areas based on the source IP address of player access traffic, restrict game access to high-risk IP addresses in that area, and use the network access type of IP addresses to filter fake traffic such as proxies and VPNs

  • IP.CCPrivacy protection

    Keep gaming and gambling payments secure using our Privacy Detection API and use VPN data to limit content to specific users or regions. Beyond that, protect your bottom line by preventing pricing abuse by masked users.

  • IP.CCFraud prevention

    Expanding globally opens doors to new markets, but it also brings increased fraud risks in the gaming industry. Utilize our Abuse Contact API to automate fraud reporting. Safeguard your bottom line as you scale your business and expand your user base.

Prevent fraud, scale customized gameplay, and much more.

IP.CC is the faster and more accurate IP address API provider in the industry, ensuring a smoother gaming experience. Take data accuracy, personalization and automation to new levels.

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