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How is IP.CC Used in Financial Technology

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for businesses in the FinTech space:

  • IP.CCProtect your data from unwanted visitors

    Users must have seamless access to their financial data anytime, anywhere. It's crucial for your business to prioritize security. Our Privacy Detection feature identifies and filters out malicious traffic, alerting you to masked IP users. Strengthen your cybersecurity measures and safeguard client information effectively.

  • IP.CCCater to the global customer with localized currency data

    Working with clients all over the world requires a global approach. Pricing data should be displayed in localized currencies. Personalize the customer experience with accurate currency conversions through our API's geolocation data.

  • IP.CCMake user security your priority

    Users expect enhanced security protocols to protect their financial information. Our API data can help you inform customers of account access from an unfamiliar location. Secure web forms and limit login attempts to prevent data compromise, powered by IP address data via our API.

An API to build on security, web personalization, marketing, and more

In the realm of finance and FinTech, IP.CC stands as an indispensable asset.

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