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How is IP.CC Used in Cybersecurity

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for businesses in the Cybersecurity space:

  • IP.CCNetwork Attack Tracking

    When a website or application is subjected to network attacks such as DDoS, the source IP address and network type of attack traffic can be extracted and analyzed, traced to the geographical location of the attack source, and targeted defense can be carried out to assist relevant departments in tracing.

  • IP.CCNetwork Security Intelligence Analysis

    When conducting network asset monitoring, IP address data services can be used to understand the geographical distribution of lost hosts, network access types, and other information, helping security teams have a clear understanding of the global asset intrusion situation.

  • IP.CCVulnerability Management and Assessment

    IP address data is used to map assets and improve vulnerability detection for organizations. IP.CC’s data is also accurate enough to map adversarial infrastructure, such as bulletproof hosting companies' networks associated with cybercriminal activity.

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