Getting Started

You can download your subscribed IPinfo database in two different ways:

  • Database download from your dashboard on the webpage
  • Database download from using cURL on your terminal

Option 1: Database download from the account dashboard

You can visit the Data Downloads page to download your IPinfo database.

Or, you can go to:

  1. your account Dashboard
  2. select Data Downloads
  3. and from there if you scroll down you will find your database that you can have subscribed to.

Option 2: Database download using cURL

You can also download your IPinfo database using cURL. Please make sure you add the -L flag to your cURL command, which enables cURL to follow redirects.

curl -L$TOKEN -o location.csv.gz

We use gzip to compress our database. After downloading the database, you can extract the content or decompress the database using gzipgunzip, or any compression software of your choice.